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The holiday season is fast approaching! (It always seems that way after Halloween, but at least you got to profit from some amazing prizes, so nobody has anything to complain about.)

For the 14th year in a row, the boulevard Saint-Laurent invites its members to participate in Dia Das Montras. Inspired by a Portuguese tradition in the Azores, this event creates a festive and authentic ambiance on the boulevard during the holidays.

Year after year, the businesses on the Main let their creativity go wild as they decorate their windows for the holidays. (Even the upper floor offices join in on the fun!) But this year, we have something special planned for you!

The two Fridays and Saturdays before Christmas the boulevard Saint-Laurent will be hosting some very important guests and we want you to meet them! Come visit Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and his elves or join in and sing along with the carollers.

As you know we are in 2014 and we all can’t wait to see your selfies!

Update: The Borough of Plateau-Mont-Royal will be installing musical Christmas trees around the neighborhood, and The Main of course was not left out! On the contrary we will have two musical trees installed along the boulevard. At the corner of Prince-Arthur our famous Jingle Bells tree will be returning again this year. On top of that there will be a brand new tree playing Carol of the Bells in Parc des Amériques. This tree however requires 3 people to hear the full melody of the song; it’s a family affair and will require #teamwork! 


For all the merchants on the boulevard, below you will find photos from previous years, let them inspire you!