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End of November/early December… the time of the year where neither morale nor weather ever seem to be good. No matter the time of the day or the day of the week, you feel like it’s Monday morning. Whether you are experiencing a thermal, sentimental or moral shock, you find yourself in a state of distress… you dream of curling up under a blanket. Fortunately, the Saint-Laurent Boulevard counts many comforting stores that will help you wait for the Christmas magic to kick in.

Ready to discover them?

1. Mochico – 3651 Saint-Laurent Boulevard

Mochico, on top of offering cool shoes (the benefits of shopping on the spirit don’t require arguments anymore), has placed all kinds of candy in the middle of the store! Nothing will make you smile like chewing bubble gum or eating cotton candy. Reconnect with the kid in you thanks to the pinball machines you’ll find at the back of the store!

2. Starbucks – 3601 Saint-Laurent Boulevard

Fall in love with a chocolate latté at Starbucks and let the cup’s design remind you that Christmas is in… 27 days! OMG!

3. Second Cup – 3801 Saint-Laurent Boulevard

For more sugar and comforting, look no further than the hot white chocolate with candy cane from Second Cup!

4. Aveda – 3613 Saint-Laurent Boulevard

For a real session of relaxation, head to Aveda!
Get shampooed while completely lying down in order to benefit fully from this relaxation method… The only risk is falling asleep.

5. Brioche Dorée – 3611 Saint-Laurent Boulevard

A soft bun will provide you with the comfort that weather wants to deny you.

6. Espace Nomad – 4660 Saint-Laurent Boulevard

At last, take some time to…

… be pampered!

Enjoy a healthy snack after all this sugar…

… and start your Christmas shopping!

All of this under one roof: at Espace Nomad!

Breathe in, breathe out. Keep smiling, enjoy the first snowflakes and, most importantly, discover these relaxing locations.

p.s. If you’re still feeling down, follow the advices of Café Code Noir and Belém Café & Yoga.