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The City of Montreal has launched a new project for Montreal SMEs, and many of our members could benefit from this great opportunity.

Initiated in partnership with Emploi Québec and the Association pour le développement de la recherche et de l’innovation du Québec (ADRIQ), this project aims to stimulate innovation in SMEs – what Saint-Laurent Boulevard companies are already doing wonderfully!

This project will allow the selection of 30 Montreal SMEs to participate in the following events (each of them more popular than the other!):

– Three major conferences: Seminar presented by Emploi Québec (March 18th 2015), C2MTL (May 26th to the 28th 2015) and Forum Innovation presented by the ADRIQ;

– Three MOZAIC-HEC training workshops (May 6th, September 24th and November 19th 2015);

City of Montreal closing ceremony (December 2015).

They will be unique and enriching experiences rich with answers – because you have to submit a business question requiring a creative response to register!

Here are the criteria for eligibility:

– Been in business for at least two years;

– Have a maximum of 250 employees;

– Be a for-profit private company;

– Have an annual turnover of at least $1 million;

– Cover a cost of $500 for all Parcours Innovation activities

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a lot more, right? (And there are words in this video, which make it great to understand what’s happening.)

You can find further information here on the City’s website.

You have until February 20th to complete the form available in the members page, under Tools and Activities & Events. The contact information of the person to send it to is mentioned in the form.