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Free Spirited

Free Spirited

The société du boulevard Saint-Laurent is pleased to present its new « Free Spirited » banner campaign. This campaign is the result of a collaboration with the advertising agency ZA Communication, which worked for several months with our team and the members of the boulevard to create a new strong and unique identity. Thus, a new branding strategy has been put in place for the territory.

Welcome to the Main. Or rather the heart of the Main.
At the heart of the action.
Central Street in Montreal,
we make the link between east and west.
Between early birds and night owls.
Between legendary brands and trendy designers.
Between pedestrian streets and dancefloors.
Between second hand and fashion shops, restaurants
and grocery stores, cafes and nightclubs,
design stores and hardware stores,
festivals and art galleries, creative agencies and tech companies,
fair trade and care centers.
But also between neon lights and murals.
Between high-heels and pumps. Suits & ties and jeans & t-shirts.
Between Baby boomers and Millennials,
granolas and fashionistas, dreads and blowouts.
Day and night, Saint-Laurent Boulevard
breathes and sweats life.
Here, all styles are mixed and
all generations come together.
Without judgement. Without censorship. Without a sidelong glance.
In total freedom.
And it is this feeling of freedom, this feeling of being able to be oneself,
of being able to express oneself freely,
that makes Saint-Laurent Boulevard a unique place of
sharing, discovery and creation.
A place with a thousand and one faces.
Open to the world and curious about the world.
We are Saint-Laurent Boulevard.


Agency: ZA Communication
Make up: Vanessa Ashley
Stylist: Marine Saussereau