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As a merchant or building owner, the situation of illegal graffiti is very frustrating. It is a common problem; we are aware and understand it. Your borough too, for that matter!

Did you know that the Plateau Mont-Royal offers a free graffiti removal program?

It’s very simple. The products used are not harmful to the environment and do not normally damage the building’s exterior. Yes, the procedure can leave certain traces on the treated surfaces and the contractor has no result obligations. But it’s the best solution and it is offered to you for free.

Simply fill out an authorization form on the City’s website at the following address: (French only).

Shortly, you can also find this form on our website by following these steps:

1. Click on the “Resources” tab under the “Members page” section of the website (or click here). You will have to create your username prior.

2. In the section “Forms and permits”, click on “City and Borough”.

3. The document you will need is “(FR) Formulaire – Enlèvement graffiti”. This official form is only available in French.

If you still don’t have a member login for the website, it’s time to ask for your username.

Once you are able to download the form, you can submit it one of the following two ways (the online method will still be valid):

1. By mail: Kenny Oshima

Division des parcs et de l’horticulture

2275, boulevard Saint-Joseph Est

Montréal QC H2H 1G4

2. By fax: 514-872-8046

For more information, you can write to or call 514-872-5585.

The only way to fight against this type of practice is to complain to the police.  If you are a victim of vandalism on your property, call 514-280-2222. The more complaints, the more resources will be assigned to fight against this plague.

It must however be noted that the creation of artistic graffiti (such as the wall art created during the MURAL Public Art Festival) greatly discourages vandalism, as these works are generally respected.

In addition, the SPVM allows you to complete an online police report, without leaving the comfort of your home. There are 3 types of eligible reports:

1. Theft (vehicle, bicycle, purse, pick pocketing)

2. Misdemeanour (material damage (undesirable graffiti falls into this category), vehicle mischief)

3. Lost object (object that has not been stolen)

Before completing a report, make sure you have:

1. A valid email address;

2. The date and the place the crime occurred;

3. The information on the vehicle or property involved.

When you have all this information, go to

For more information, do not hesitate to contact the SDBSL at 514-286-0334 or by writing to