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C2MTL stands for Commerce + Creativity. How convenient, since that is exactly how we characterize the Saint-Laurent Boulevard, where we accommodate some of the most original startups in the world!

Montreal is actually where this high profile event will take place. It was created by Sid Lee, a prime example of innovation brewing in our city.
From May 27th to 29th at the Arsenal, men and women from business and art communities will be able to attend speeches given by distinguished speakers, and to participate in interactive exhibits and a creation Boot Camp.

This is a perfect opportunity to meet new people and let yourselves be inspired by global development. For this reason, the SDBSL has decided to offer three passes to its members, in order to send the best representatives of the Boulevard to C2MTL.

So, we held a contest for members who believe they can stand out and express why they deserve a chance to go. Applications were numerous and extremely original. Of course, it was not easy to pick the winners. Our goal was to find the best ambassadors. People that other business owners would meet and say: “Wow! Saint-Laurent Boulevard is pretty awesome! I want to do business there!”

So, Symetris, Modèles Coiffure and Excentris were the ones selected to represent the Saint-Laurent Boulevard!

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone that participated – we very much enjoyed hearing from you.

Anyway, the event is next week, so we’re going to get ready. See you there!