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5 businesses with eco-responsible practices

5 businesses with eco-responsible practices

In 2020, the SDBSL mobilized with the SDC de la rue Saint-Denis and the SDAMR to create an ecological transition initiative committee. This work made it possible to identify best practices but also the constraints and difficulties encountered by businesses in the Plateau. Today, everyone at their own level can make a difference by incorporating habits that will help the planet. On the occasion of the launch of the guide of the best eco-responsible practices for Plateau SMEs, we are sharing with you some of the Saint-Laurent boulevard merchants.


Frenco : bulk and zero waste

On the Main for 45 years, the bulk and zero waste store Frenco takes you through its daily life where the issue of over-packaging is a fundamental mission. Considering alternative solutions is a step towards a better world.

3985 Saint-Laurent Blvd. , Montreal, Quebec H2W 1Y4


Salon Unlistd : hair recycling

If you need to refresh your cut and change your color, Apple and her team of colorists are sure to give you the taste of a makeover. This salon offers a hair recycling program with the salons of the green circle. Besides the green circles, their range of organic and natural products are contained in refillable glass packaging, paper bags or colored jars for the home.

Salon Unlistd
3648a Saint-Laurent Blvd., Montreal, Quebec H2X 2V4


Recettes en pot : give for a cause

For lack of time or ideas, the recipe here is simple and contained in a jar. This team comes together to offer products that enable successful and exciting fundraising campaigns to be carried out in the most socially responsible way possible. In addition to enjoying yourself, you are offering a meal which is important for you.

Recettes en pot
3981 Saint-Laurent Blvd. #210, Montréal, QC H2W 1Y4


Boutique Lustre : reuse of fabrics

Body positivity and size inclusion are the pillars of the designs of designer Yasmine Wasfy and her team. This clothing store is tending to become zero waste by creating its clothes from old-fashioned fabrics and environmentally friendly materials. We can only encourage them in this direction!

Boutique Lustre
4068 Saint-Laurent Blvd. , Montreal, Quebec H2W 1Y9


Robin des bois : reuse food

For 15 years, the Robin des Bois restaurant has brought together passionate volunteers in love with food. The chef, Amélie Aclocque, shares her tips and advice on how to enhance food and avoid food waste.

Robin des Bois
4653 Boul. Saint-Laurent Blvd. , Montreal, Quebec H2T 1R2

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The publication of the Guide is made possible thanks to the support of Arrondissement du Plateau-Mont-Royal, Concertation Montréal, la Caisse Desjardins du Plateau-Mont-Royal et Ruba Ghazal, députée de Mercier.

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