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The Saint-Laurent Boulevard is THE MOST interesting destination in the midst of Canada’s Grand Prix! The first street closing of the summer will be on June 5th-8th, taking place on the Main between Sherbrooke Street and Pine Avenue.

In order to celebrate Canada’s Grand Prix in Montreal, the Saint-Laurent Boulevard will be offering a weekend of totally unique street-art-flavored festivities and activities! Of course, there will be cars – it is the theme of the event after all! – but we are offering you something different, something you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

The Grand Prix Weekend on the Saint-Laurent Boulevard will be modeled after Montreal: creative, innovative and festive! Here, Montrealers can feel at home and visitors can come immerse themselves in the spirit of the city.

There will be live car painting, exhibitions and sculptures by up-and-coming artists such as Laurence Vallières (see picture at the top) and original car exhibitions such as lowriders and one of a kind models in different psychedelic colors.

Live music, a little underground and very upbeat, will fill the Main and lure you into a setting you simply will not want to leave!

Remember that many merchants will ensure you have a great time by offering a wide array of specialties. While some will welcome you with a cookout, others will have a seat for you on their terrace specifically set up for this occasion. Shopkeepers on the Main will offer you a variety of all types of products with their outdoor displays.

The Saint-Laurent Boulevard will be THE alternative destination of the Montreal’s Grand Prix. Here, you will have the most authentic experiences and not to mention, the most fun too!