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The building located at 3540 boulevard Saint-Laurent is for rent. It has 2 floors, the 1st of which has an area of ​​2576 ft2 and the 2nd floor of 1434 ft2. The building has a terrace at the front of a 450 sq. ft. area. The asking price for the rental is $ 15,000. For more information contact
Yvan Beaulieu at 514 – 847 – 3536 ext. 1001.



The building located at 3485 boulevard Saint-Laurent is currently for sale. It has 3 floors of which the 1st and 2nd floor are available for rent. The 3rd floor remains an open air. It has a total area of ​​11,436 sq. Ft. And 3,812 sq. Ft. Per floor. The asking price for its entirety is $ 3,595,000. For more information, contact Robert Houde at 514 – 839 – 0352



This space for rent between boulevard Saint-Joseph Ouest and rue Villeneuve is located in a bright and effervescent corner of boulevard Saint-Laurent. It is fitted out for a restaurant and has storage in the basement. The space has a terrace at the back. Other activities are also permitted. Details of the offer: area 1800 ft²; price $ 4,500 / month. Contact us at 514-286-0334 for more information.



This space for rent between Duluth street and Napoléon street is located on a dynamic and effervescent corner of St-Laurent boulevard. It is currently being renovated and changed to an office space. It is the perfect oportunity for a small firm considering everything will be brand new- and it’s worth considering staying open late during the weekend because of all the bars and clubs in the area. Furthermore, there are many murals all around, which attracts a great number of tourists all year long!



2,560 SF; 23 ft frontage; Centr [...]