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We all know that the Main plays a leading role in the ecosystem of our city. Whether through showcasing Montreal’s identity and inspirations, its ability to attract talent, the incredible variety of businesses or all the good times spent on the boulevard, we find Montreal’s authenticity everywhere on the Main.

We are living in an era where Montrealers want to take the city into their own hands. Inspired by the ambitious initiative of Je vois mtl, which aims to rally all those who dare to see Montreal in a new light, we decided to make a video that…well we think it speaks for itself.

Of course we would have liked to make a video that showcases all those who contribute to the Main and turn it into a full length documentary (or two or three? There are so many on the boulevard this would have taken months!), but unfortunately we only have a few minutes to grab your attention! And may we say we think we did just that, in our humble opinion.

You can also go vote for the projects that have been submitted to Je vois mtl using this link. Click on each “priority” to discover the numerous amounts of projects that have been submitted and vote for the ones you like most.

The projects that have been selected will be announced at Place des Arts on November 17th 2014.