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The Montreal boutique Scandale, operated by Marie-Josée Gagnon since 1977, offers high-end clothing for women.

Scandale offers mostly designs from Quebecer Georges Lévesque whose design is summed up as “bohemian chic”.

The exterior and interior design of the two-story boutique makes it a memorable shopping experience. One has the impression of entering a sort of enchanted forest that contains full of fashion secrets! They also greet celebrities such as Julia Roberts and Celine Dion, no less!

Mon 11am-6pm
Tue 11am-6pm
Wed 11am-6pm
Thur 11am-6pm (winter) 11am-9pm (summer)
Fri 11am-6pm (winter) 11am-9pm (summer)
Sat 11am-5pm
Sun 12pm-5pm