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The Scandale boutique in Montreal, run by Marie-Josée Gagnon since 1977, offers high-end women's clothing. The boutique also offers a variety of CDs and vinyl. Scandale offers mostly designs by Quebecer Georges Lévesque whose style can be summed up as "bohemian chic". The exterior and interior design of the two-story store makes it an unforgettable shopping experience. You feel like you're entering an enchanted forest of fashion secrets! They also host celebrities like Julia Roberts and Celine Dion, no less!  

Mon 11am-6pm
Tue 11am-6pm
Wed 11am-6pm
Thur 11am-6pm (winter) 11am-9pm (summer)
Fri 11am-6pm (winter) 11am-9pm (summer)
Sat 11am-5pm
Sun 12pm-5pm