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Since its opening back in 1991, Montréal Images now has three boutiques. Their goal is to spruce up your home sweet home by providing a wide range of services for anything picture related.

Montréal Images offers services such as framing, lamination and digital printing. We must point out that their most sought-after service is the transfer to canvas. All sorts of posters can be painted onto a canvas to give them a unique artsy feel.

Montréal Images can adapt to any requests you may have while allowing you to create a welcoming and one of a kind atmosphere for any one of your rooms.

Mon 10:30am-6pm
Tue 10:30am-6pm
Wed 10:30am-6pm
Thur 10:30am-9pm
Fri 10:30am-9pm
Sat 10:30am-5pm
Sun 12pm-5pm