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Cinéma L’Amour is one of the cult institutions of Saint-Laurent Boulevard. Its story is almost as rich as the boulevard itself. Open since 1914, the interior has hardly changed over the years, leaving the building its original charm. The rich history of the building began in 1914 with the Globe, which was a home theater and a cinema. In 1932, it became the Hollywood, which retained the same vocation. It’s in 1969, when it became the Pussycat that the establishment adopted a vocation oriented towards sexual cinema, how we know today. It finally changed its name in 1981 to Cinéma L’Amour and is now known as the ultimate destination for watching movies as a couple or single, depending on a variety of themes offered every night of the week.

Mon-Sun 11am-11pm

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May 15, 2014 - posted by Guillaume