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One piano for all and all for one piano! The public pianos are coming back this summer. They will be set up throughout the city, but obviously, the one on the Saint-Laurent Boulevard will be the most interesting one of the bunch! With the support of Plateau Mont-Royal, the piano will be installed at the intersection of Saint-Laurent Boulevard and Prince-Arthur (July 9th-August 13th), then in the Parc des Amériques at the intersection of Saint-Laurent Boulevard and Rachel (August 13th-September 17th).

Musicians, beginners, and hobbyists young and old are welcomed to participate in this event intended to bring citizens together with music.

At times, artists will even give public performances to which everyone is invited to (make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to be informed)! You should already mark your calendars for August 20th, when the event “Pianos publics de Montréal en choeur” will take place. Every public piano in Montreal will be performing the same three musicals!

Moreover, if you are reading this and you are an artist interested in participating in this public art experience, you have an idea for a show you would like to develop with a group or you simply would like to display your talent, please write to

Furthermore, the first weekend following the installation of the piano, you will be able to find the painter Mathieu Connery at the corner of Saint-Laurent and Prince-Arthur at work on an urban piece. That’s all we’ll tell you for now, but that should give you a second reason to stop by!

Follow SDBSL on Facebook and and the official page of the pianos; that’s where you’ll find everything you need to know.

The first show of the season will take place on Friday July 11th from 4pm to 6pm, just to make sure you start your weekend on the right foot! The artist who’ll be taking care of making you stop on your way to the metro or to your 5@7 is Mark Berube, whose most recent album Russian Dolls came out in November 2013.

Watch his music video for ‘Carnival’ and be sure to like his Facebook page, follow him on Twitter and have a look at his official website to get in the mood!