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It’s the fourth year that the Plateau-Mont-Royal Borough is bringing the public pianos to the area, so we’ll assume you know the drill.

What’s new on the boulevard this year is the location and the time of year.

From July 24th to August 21 the piano will be at parc du Portugal. Then, from August 21st to October 2nd, you will find it at parc des Amériques.

Anyone living in the area or shopping on the boulevard is welcome to stop at the piano and play for a while, but we’re also inviting you to attend two musical events with our musical guest: La Bronze!

She became extremely popular after covering Stromae’s ‘Formidable’–in Arabic! Her collaboration with Misteur Valaire showcases a completely different side (yet still amazing) of her talent.

Speaking of good stuff, she has a very good album available on iTunes (and a brand new EP).

To celebrate the piano arriving on the boulevard, her first show will be on Friday July 29th, from 5pm to 7pm at parc du Portugal.

A second show will take place at parc du Portugal on August 18th, from noon to 1pm, for the event Les Pianos publics au diapason. Every public piano in Quebec (!!!) will be playing the song ‘Quand les homes vivront d’amour’ at noon!

If you want to know the locations and dates of every public piano in the Plateau, be sure to like the Facebook page for Pianos publics de Montréal.