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What makes you think more of Montreal summers than BBQs, terraces and festivals? Perhaps all these three things on Montreal’s The Main.

You’re in luck because we actually have an event that will combine all of this:  the very first edition of Grill Saint-Laurent! From June 8th to the 10th, as part of the MURAL Festival, the boulevard’s restaurant owners will prepare exclusive BBQ dishes – all available for $5!

On the Monday and Tuesday, participating restaurants will present their dishes in front of their restaurants. A jury, made up of The Beat 92.5, CTV News and, will select their 5 favorite restaurants.

On the Wednesday, the finalists will gather in the main area of the festival (in the parking lot just south of Prince-Arthur East) for a big cook-off. David McMillan from Joe Beef, recently crowned one of the 100 best restaurants in the world, and other surprise judges will choose the big winner. The results will be announced at 8pm.


As part of Grill Saint-Laurent, to broaden your choices even more, we will have food trucks on the boulevard for the very first time! You will have 8 of them on the west side of the boulevard, between Marie-Anne and Mont-Royal.


We want to know which Grill Saint-Laurent dish you prefer – and maybe you can influence the members of the jury, who knows! Share pictures of the dishes you try on Twitter with #GSL and #LaMain.


Here’s a guide that’ll make your mouth water while walking the Main to find the best Grill St-Laurent dish! Each restaurant was inspired by a country, a region or even a planet in one case (no jokes)…discover what awaits you!

1. Frite Alors! – 3497 Saint-Laurent

Louis-Cyr drumstick, inspired by Quebec: marinated chicken drumstick, smoked and spiced, grilled on charcoal.

2. McKibbin’s Irish Pub – 3515 Saint-Laurent

Mini Sliders, inspired by Ireland: you can chose between a mini chicken and pulled pork slider with Gouda cheese or a mini bison slider with cheddar cheese.

3. Buonanotte – 3518 Saint-Laurent

Pork on a spit, inspired by Italy: grilled pork tender loin marinated in fennel pollen and served on skewer.

4. Suwu – 3581 Saint-Laurent

Chicken à la Mars, inspired by the planet Mars: chicken brochette served on pita bread with secret ingredients.

5. Diablos Smokehouse Saloon – 3619 Saint-Laurent

Hickory Smoked Baby Back Ribs, inspired by the U.S.A.: pork ribs lathered in a homemade BBQ sauce with a blend of spices.

6. Sayuri Sushi – 3652 Saint-Laurent

Bao, inspired by different Asian countries : 5 spices Coca-Cola braised pork belly, served with pickled carrots, cucumber, marinated asian pear and cilantro.

7. Med Express Pizza – 3679 Saint-Laurent

Kofta, inspired by Turkey: ground beef with spices and vegetables, served with homemade bread and a choice of salad.

8. Burrito Shop – 3686-B Saint-Laurent

Puerco Asado, inspired by Mexico: méchoui of roasted pork served in tacos or tortas.

9. Boucherie Hongroise – 3843 Saint-Laurent

Chevapi, inspired by The Balkans: ground beef and pork mixed with traditional spices and cured for 24 hours. Served with red Spanish onion and bread.

10. Main Deli – 3684 Saint-Laurent

Garlic marinated chicken, inspired by South America: organic chicken marinated in garlic, mustard, pepper and oregano. Served with salad and a non-alcoholic beverage.

11. La Vieille Europe – 3855 Saint-Laurent

Vieille Europe Chicken Slider, inspired by Germany and Portugal: piri piri chicken leg slider with German sauerkraut and spices.

12. Sushi Momo – 8 Duluth Est

Momo Sandwich, inspired by Japan: pork or tofu sandwich served with sauteed Asian vegetables and Asian sauce.

13. Laïka – 4040 Saint-Laurent

BBQ salmon brochette, inspired by Denmark: a skewer of BBQ grilled gravlax salmon with fennel sauce and chili.

14. Portus Calle – 4281 Saint-Laurent

Mini brochette, inspired by Portugal: skewer with pineapple, shrimp and chorizo, marinated with garlic, coriander and lemon juice.

15. Omnivore – 4351 Saint-Laurent

Filet mignon Omnivore, inspired by Lebanon: marinated filet mignon served on a bed of couscous.