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Part of the MURAL Festival, Grill Saint-Laurent is the culinary event on the Main. Located in the main zone of the festival, 10 restaurants will prepare dishes on the grill – which you’ll be able to enjoy with a glass of wine while listening to music.

You don’t want to miss this family-friendly event, but if you need one more reason, here it is: all the dishes will be available for only $5!

The event will take place from June 14th to 16th, between 11am and 9pm each day.

Participating restaurants:

McKibbin’s – 3515 Saint-Laurent

Buonanotte – 3518 Saint-Laurent

Maestro SVP – 3615 Saint-Laurent

Diablos BBQ – 3619 Saint-Laurent

Burrito Shop – 3686-B Saint-Laurent

Main Deli – 3864 Saint-Laurent

Ripples – 3880 Saint-Laurent

L’Gros Luxe – 451 Duluth East

Poulet 3 Pattes Express – 4495 Saint-Laurent

Le Ice & Tacos – 19 Mont-Royal East