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OTH is an independent retailer that first opened its doors in Montreal in November of 1999. Over the last two decades, OTH has showcased and celebrated Montreal’s unique culture, whether that be through art, music, sports, or fashion.

Montreal is our home and we’re constantly influenced by what’s happening in the city’s neighbourhoods.  We have evolved, grown, and matured with the city and OTH now proudly counts four stores in three locations, with each offering a different shopping experience true to the OTH DNA.

Entirely modular, this space shifts on a weekly basis, offering a new experience to customers almost every time they walk through the door. On the second floor, you’ll find a gallery space, where OTH showcases artists new and old, from Montreal and abroad. As OTH grew, clothing started occupying the space we once used as a gallery. In a way, OTH St-Laurent is us going back to our roots in 1999 and reconnecting culture, art, and fashion in a meaningful way.

Mon-Wed 10am-7pm
Thur-Fri 10am-9pm
Sat 10am-7pm
Sun 10h-6pm