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My Intelligent Machines (MIMs) is founded in 2016 by Sarah Jenna (Professor and former Canada Research Chair in Genomics), Abdoulaye Baniré Diallo (Professor and expert in Bioinformatics nominated as "Next Einstein Fellow 2018" in bioinformatics) and Mickaël Camus (Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and expert in machine learning and multi-agent systems). We combined our multidisciplinary expertise to facilitate the access of omic data and to their interpretation for life sciences through our SAAS platform. MIMsOmic is built around an information technology that is a goal-oriented massive multi-agent system. This AI manages massive amounts of knowledge in life sciences aggregated from public databases. MIMsOmic uses this knowledge and considers the data and associated metadata uploaded by the user to run the appropriate bioinformatic and machine learning algorithms to capture key insights, patterns and trends from data. This allows for users to also use semantic search to surf knowledge acquired by the AI.

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