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The don b comber was founded in 2015 with a unique vibe, which comes from the legend’s vision, Ernest R. Beaumont Gantt also known as Don the beachcomber. This man lived on the beautiful pacific islands. He was a big traveler and also an alcohol seller during  the prohibition. He decided to join his two passions, rum based cocktails and tropical vibes and opened his first tiki bar in Hollywood in 1930. Today, the Don b Comber is proud to honor his memory by offering you a place that brings people together and that makes you travel. We have three different floors with modern tropical ambiance, so you would certainly find shoe to your foot. The second floor would probably be the hottest heated terrace you will find on the island of Montreal even in the winter! The third floor, which opened two years ago would transport you in another world by his fancy light game that goes well with house music. We invite you to Book and celebrate with us from Tuesday to Saturday on one of our opened nights how to fully live the Don B Comber experience.

Mon Closed
Tue 10pm-3am
Wed Closed
Thur-Sat 10pm-3am
Sun Closed