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‎The Apt. 200 is considered the ‎‎"chilling spot"‎‎ par excellence. Arcades, pool tables, sofas, and even a bed make up all the furniture of the bar unique in its kind.‎ ‎When you meet at the Apt. 200, it feels like entering a friend's apartment – that's the idea! With its high ceilings, huge carpets, dim light and even a bedroom with a bed to give a ‎‎"lounge"‎‎ atmosphere, you never think you're in a bar.‎ ‎Despite all these elements facilitating relaxation, the Apt. 200 also has a ‎‎dance floor‎‎ and a DJ who knows how to intoxicate a crowd.‎ ‎Try to find it somewhere else!‎

Wed-Sun 9pm-3am