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We started 1science because we believe that there should be an easier way to find the peer-reviewed, scholarly literature. For librarians helping their patrons, for researchers who rely on scientific knowledge and for students who need to quickly find articles for their papers and whose deadline is sometimes, well, the next day (we know, because we’ve all been there). Our company was originally founded on building oaFindr, a database centered on open access. In a short period of time, we quickly realized we needed to further support academic libraries in their strategic goal to increase their institution’s reputation, manage their journal subscriptions and provide their patrons more access to research. To help libraries accomplish these goals, 1science developed 1foldr and 1figr. By analyzing an institution’s active subscriptions, determining their output activity and comparing what is available in open access, institutions are able to make informed decisions when considering existing subscriptions. 1science offers an integrated solution that facilitates open access and the flow of knowledge.

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