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Symetris is an original web development company; to be convinced, simply visit their virtual guided tour and have a good laugh!

This company is a perfect example of success on the boulevard so we contacted Julie-Arsène Talbot, Business Development Consultant, for her to talk to us a bit about Symetris and to tell us what she and her colleagues love about the Main.

Symetris celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2014, barely a year after moving from their offices on Mont-Royal which became too small for their growing team.

It’s actually their president, Brad, who shared his love for the Plateau with his team. Julie-Arsène said that “when came the time to move to a bigger space, the Main was an obvious choice: good visibility, close to the city center while having a creative vibe and a nice diversity in terms of restaurants and shops. And of course, great coffee!”

In addition, when we asked Julie-Arsène to describe the boulevard in one word, she immediately said “Creativity”! It is of course thanks to passionate people, such as the Symetris team, that the boulevard has become a creativity hub.

The Main being central, the Symetris employees get to work either by public transportation, by foot, or even by bike for the sportier ones.

The life and atmosphere on the Main are among the things that the Symetris team loves the most. One Thursday per month, they get together to discover a new place where to have a drink. Their most recent outing was at North Star Machine à Piastres!

Finally, we tried to find out whether the team preferred Portuguese chicken or smoked meat. Here’s the verdict: “Portuguese chicken, Brad is of Portuguese descent, and natas are always a popular desert at Symetris!” Of course, no matter your preference, you’ll always find something to your liking on the Main!