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The long awaited opening of the Majestique restaurant on the Saint-Laurent Boulevard finally occurred on Friday, April 11th!

The general public was able to follow the progress of the project on Facebook since December 2013 and needless to say, many people were impatiently waiting for the opening of the establishment. This is quite understandable given the names implicated in this particular project: Charles-Antoine Crête and Cheryl Johnson, formerly of Toqué!, as well as Richard Holder and Olivier Farley from Bar Waverly. They are part of a well-seasoned team that will undoubtedly stand out in the Montreal food service industry.

This “Majestique” team offers a menu of various inspirations, such as salmon confit brûlé with glazed vegetables and popcorn. Yes, this is served all together! What else, you ask? Horse tartar with spicy mayonnaise, half an aioli fried quail or a 12 inch hot-dog (to share) with a heap of delicious garnish… and more!

Did your tummy just rumble? Of course it would! Furthermore, at the opposite end of the counter, a professional shucker is preparing oysters. His name is Max Ruiz Laing, in case you’re interested.

The location is an appealing one, too. 4105 Saint-Laurent Boulevard is the address of the old restaurant Délli-Cité closed since 1990. For many, this spot is full of memories and they will gladly return to the Main to rediscover this cozy new 65-seater restaurant. In a decor designed by Thomas Csano, the Majestique includes relics from the past, of which the lights from the old Lester’s factory located in the back of the restaurant. Thomas also combined different objects together to create oddities that will certainly catch your attention and have you and your friends talking. A stag head wearing a crown… that’s certainly a conversation starter! A Game of Thrones reference? All bets are on!

In short, the Majestique has just recently opened and is already a must on the Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

Make your reservations now, because they have been very busy.