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Shopping in local businesses to find Christmas gifts means you get to find unique and original ideas, instead of the same old, boring ones–while helping business owners in your neighbourhood!

With the Holiday season approaching fast, we’ve decided to highlight some businesses on Saint-Laurent that we hope will inspire you for your Christmas shopping.

But there’s more! We’ve bought something at each of these businesses and created an impressive gift basket worth $250 that we will be giving out! You can find the details to participate in the contest at the bottom of this page.


With fine products imported from Europe, you’re sure to find something unique there. Whether it’s tasty cheese for a supper you’re invited to or you want a brand of chocolate that can’t be found at the grocery store, you’re sure to hit the bullseye at La Vieille Europe. We purchased olive oil and balsamic vinegar because they always make for a winning combination!


Of course, 1861 is most known for its beautiful dresses, but that can be a complicated gift to buy, because getting the wrong size is a big no-no and also because everyone’s taste is different. This is why we got two of their scented candles–a little something that will help you set a relaxing mood at home.


Alright, the SAQ isn’t specific to the Main, but while shopping here, you might as well stop there to get a bottle of wine to bring to one party or another. We’re sure the connoisseurs will be able to appreciate the bottle we’ve picked-up, but if you’re more the type to be inspired by the label or an original bottle, you’re in for a treat!


While you might think of clothing and shoes when looking at Ibiki’s storefront, they also hold an impressive selection of design magazines. But since we don’t really know what you’re into, we bought a classic and elegant notebook that will make you stand out at your next team meeting.


Since we’ve started talking about home decor, might as well continue with EQ3! It’s the kind of store that makes you want to redecorate your entire house, but since a chair is hard to wrap up in a basket, we went with something smaller: two elegant mugs with a festive note–for those holiday mornings when all you want is to enjoy a good 5 minutes of calmness with your coffee before running from one family dinner to the other.


Of course, what good would a mug be without anything to drink? We selected an Ethiopian coffee from Dispatch Coffee and, next time you visit them, you can even get one for free!


This zero-waste grocery store is definitely the future of shopping! We thought we might make you discover a brand they’ve created: Recettes en pot (recipes in a jar)! It’s a wide selection of jars with dry ingredients that you have to mix with liquid ones (like water or milk) to obtain the final, delicious result. For this gift basket, we’ve chosen a lentil and curry soup that will keep you warm on those cold winter evenings.


What gift basket would be complete without chocolate? (That was a rhetorical question: no basket can be complete without chocolate.) So, we’ve selected two tasty-looking chocolate bars from Juliette et chocolat. That too should help with the comforting on cold winter evenings.


Contest details

All you have to do is subscribe to our mailing list and you will be eligible to win the gift-basket we’ve assembled! If you are already subscribed, then you already have a chance to win.

To subscribe, all you have to do is register your email address on our home page by clicking the envelop at the top-right corner–easy peasy!

The winner will be selected at random among all the subscribers, on Friday November 17th before noon and will be contacted by email.

But there’s even more to this contest! For each new subscription we receive, the Saint-Laurent boulevard will give back the equivalent of $1 in non-perishable goods and toys to the Women’s Center of Montreal! So, even if you don’t win, you will have contributed to a happy Holiday season for many mothers in need.

* In order to win the gift-basket, you will have to be able to pick it up at our office before Friday December 22nd.