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Want to win a prize to spoil your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day?

Luckily, we have a contest for you: dinner for two at Maestro S.V.P.! The owner for this oyster bar will prepare you the best aphrodisiac ever!

We’ll pay your meal, including alcohol (up to $250).

Here’s how it will play out:

Go like our Facebook page.

As of tomorrow, Thursday February 5th until Wednesday the 11th, you’ll be asked one question per day. You answer it (intelligently, preferably) and every answer will give you a chance to win. You only have one chance per day.

Thursday, February 12th, we’ll announce the lucky winner! That leaves you 2-3 days to cancel your plans, if you had any, or find someone if you still don’t have a date (Tinder time! (Just saying, you do what you want)).

We promise to do our best to entertain you with our questions – up to you to do your part with your answers!