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identifiez vous



To celebrate the warm weather which is in full swing and will never leave us (we can dream!), we decided to test your knowledge on the perfect tool to enjoy summer in Montreal: TERRACES! And we’ll reward you at the same time!

The Main offers terraces for everyone: spacious terraces where you take your time to enjoy a good meal to practically hidden terraces where you can enjoy a drink on a sunny afternoon.

Here’s how the contest will work: as of Monday, August 3rd at 9am (and on all other week days until August 21st), we will publish a picture on Facebook and we’ll ask you to guess to which business the terrace belongs to. At 5pm, we’ll pick one of the correct answers at random and the person will win a gift-card worth $25 for the restaurant or bar in question!

We’ll then ask you to contact us so you can come collect your prize.

So you’ll have to diligently follow our page during the first three weeks of August to ensure a good chance of winning!