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Dansons sur la Main

See full profile of SDBSL , published on June 5th, 2012

As part of the Main Madness, the activity Dansons sur la Main will offer you the opportunity to groove on next June 16, 2012, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Five dance schools will open their studio for a Discovery Trail: Air de tango, Cat’s Corner, the Brazilian Martial Arts Cultural Centre, Lucie Grégoire Dance and the Nyata Nyata Dance Company. A booklet will be distributed at the SDBSL information kiosk from 9:30 a.m., on the corner of Saint-Laurent Boulevard and Prince Arthur Street. Participants will found the dance class schedule as well as a Quiz to test their knowledge and learn more about the Boulevard’s history. They will also have a chance to win prizes from the Draw (total value of $ 500).


10 am to 11 am: Contemporary Dancing, Dance Lucie Gregoire.

12 : 30 am to 1 : 30 pm: Contemporary African Dancing, Nyata Nyata.

14 am to 15 pm: Tango, Air de Tango

3 : 30 pm to 5 : 30 pm: Capoeira, Centre culturel et arts martiaux brésiliens

18 am to 19 pm: Swing Cat’s Corner

Discover and follow the rhythm of Saint-Laurent Boulevard!

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